No Jerking Around

Its been a while since I last wrote a restaurant review to I thought after months of procrastination and being down right lazy I am finally writing. So for those who know me I have been in the Punjab of the West or the Land of Joe Trudeau aka Canada for the last few months and… Read More No Jerking Around


Sinyora’s Ravioli

Well I don’t usually do home delivery or ready to cook food reviews but the next couple of reviews will be of places that I have of late tried and have been impressed with to a certain degree… or not soo impressed… The city’s rapidly evolving food culture along with the mushrooming of small places… Read More Sinyora’s Ravioli

Al Crap

Al Bake is widely regarded one of the top 20 legendary places to have street food in Delhi, it would probably have held some truth if one said it 6-10 years ago when it was actually any good… Today its utterly crap and if you really want to give yourself the runs I would recommend a… Read More Al Crap