Rustom’s : Little corner of culinary happiness.

Tucked away in a rather inconspicuous location on what can only be described as the world first perennially Traffc**ked road aka the stretch of Aurobindo Marg from Qutub Minar towards IIT Delhi. This one particular place is so bad that you could be stuck there at 4 am in the morning after a nuclear holocaust and still find traffic on that bloody road… Some people might say that I have been unfairly biased I favor of Parsi food and I would say yes I am because for me it’s not just food for the stomach but food for the soul and sometimes I do feel kind of sad for it to be commercialized by the likes of Soda Bottlewala but at the same time appreciate the effort made to save its legacy… being in Delhi one doesn’t often get his/her fix of Parsi food on a regular basis but I try to do as often as I can…  So here I was in a quest for another edition of soul food at Rustom’s … the moment you walk into the place you can feel the good vibes and sometimes that is the first thing I look for when trying to grab a good meal how does the place feel… are they really happy to see you or you they are happy to your wallet? Well at least it wasn’t the later… Greeted with a warm smile the gentleman at the door had us seated and we began… they seem to have a large menu which can be confusing people like me who want to eat too many things with limited appetite and this is one place I was really in a conundrum so after 5 mins of back and forth and multiple changes of mind our order was deiced we waited over a bottle of Pallonji’s Lemon Soda which was a good throwback to my Mumbai days sadly they don’t have a bar but then again not something I really missed on a Sunday afternoon slightly hung-over.

Started off with the Paatra Ni Macchi which was really good perfectly cooked and full of flavor.. for me the one and the Parsi Anjunman was slightly better but this was a good close second.

The Kheema Pattice were well Kheema Pattice thankfully true to what they are traditionally supposed to be like and not altered to fit some silly food narrative.

For mains I had my favourite Salli Boti lined up… this is one of those dishes I can have a hundred times and not get bored again it checked all the boxes and was loaded with extra Salli which I had asked for on the side.  To be eaten with what they called as Parsi Roti on the side which were no different that the regular roti I have at home… As a side I had Bheeda par Eddu well Bhindi aka Okra is probably the only green vegetable I would happily eat any do of the week and if you fry it and combine it with eggs and do it right it makes for awesome food!!! And well these guys know how to do it…


By this time I was too stuffed and couldn’t really eat any desert even though I really wanted to have some of the caramel custard which is amazing… I had it on my last visit there but sadly if I ate any more I would really need to go to loo so I stopped…

Over all had a really good filling meal which kept it real and wasn’t one of those pretentious kinds… I really enjoyed my visit here… would I be back yes! Why? It’s simple unpretentious down to earth food… No complaints what so ever and the service is spot on


Rating : 6/10

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