Ji Mantri Ji

Apt name for a bar set up in delhi as everything in this city is all about Mantri Ji’s or ministers be it Mr Modi to the tomfoolery of of common men ministers… The second most popular phrase in Delhi after “ Tu jaanta nahin hai mera baap kaun hai ( U don’t know who my father is)” is proably Ji Mantri Ji ( Yes Mr Minister) So full marks for the name from the Hulk.
Well the place really has nothing to do with politics though set up in what used to be that black hole where pocket monies evaporated for kids who grew up in the 90’s aka future bowl on of the first bowling alleys / arcades. Yes minister seems to be a rehashed grown up version of the place with way too many neon lights for my liking!!! Yes minister now is more a sports and games bar than an arcade but don’t worry they still have modern version of those arcade machines around. But at least they have a bar so you can drink away to those old memories.
The bar is decently stocked and they do a pretty good job with the drinks but then again I am not very hard to please as I was having beers… the good bit was that the service staff was really nice and courteous…
They have one of those bowling machines where you can essentially play against some of the worlds best bowlers and boy is it tough I had to dial down the difficulty level to amateur just to be able to see the ball and hit it on the highest difficulty it was just a blur but all fun and games none the less…
Onwards to food and service the service is pretty good and we never really had to wait for a server to come to the table as some one was always at hand ready to take care of you…

What was a real let down was the food there… Its some how that every time I find a good sports bar in this city I get let down by the grade of food on offer…
I had the Sish Tauk which was so average I have nothing to write about it… it didn’t even make an impression.
The Lamb meatballs do what they say on the menu just another plate of meatballs again nothing that would leave an impression on my taste buds.
The Wai Wai bhel was interesting to say the least a good throw back to the days when I would munch on via in the midnight and hope someone can cut some onions and add some lemon and masala to them but then I was too scared of cutting onions as they make your eyes water… so heck finally I did manage to have what I had hoped of having as a child and it was pretty good …

In terms of the mains it was the same story again it was all so run of the mill I didn’t really see reason to even get in to the details… The food could get much better and make the whole experience of the place much much more memorable as it stands… It’s a pretty interesting place to come hangout at but not a place I would recommend coming to just for the food.
Overall Rating 4.5/10 on the food front

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