Al Crap

Al Bake is widely regarded one of the top 20 legendary places to have street food in Delhi, it would probably have held some truth if one said it 6-10 years ago when it was actually any good… Today its utterly crap and if you really want to give yourself the runs I would recommend a strong dose of laxatives… it would save you the time and money…

Fine you can give them credit to introducing the word “Shawarma” to us Delhites well once you grow older or get the chance to travel the world you realize how big a con it was but well we didn’t care we still loved it growing up back in the day one could easily consume upwards of 10 of these without burning a hole in your pocket and spend the rest of the day on the throne… there were rumors back in the day as to what really was in the filling raging from the usual to the absurd… The Al Bake Shawarma for many was way of life almost.

I was there recently and sadly the place is just a shadow of its previous self… Whilst the hygine factor has been dialed up the taste of food factor has been dialed down drastically… The amount of meat in the filling seems to be non-existent to the point it felt like I was having chicken flavored onions and coriander in a maida ki roti with really weird tasting mayo…

al bake

Another one of staples from Al Bake back in the were their uniquely flavored chicken tikka that came smothered in butter but sadly those too have been consigned to history whilst the chicken tikka is still on the menu the taste has left us…

What is left today is sadly just the shell of what used to be an amazing place… Sadly time has taken away another happy childhood memory and like the market it is situated in we must look back with rose tinted glasses at what used to be… All I can say to kids today is back in my time this was the place where I ate endless plates of shawarma and then spent the rest of the day locked in the throne room…

I guess its time to move on and forget it about… Sadly I might one day come again craving the taste to be disappointed again… for now its at its lowest ebb and gets a weak 1 out of ten.. and the one point is for the service and the fact that the old staff still remembers you by face…

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