Asian Haus Delivers As Promised !

Everytime you wish to eat really good Asian Cuisine and you are really in a fix it usually means selling one of your kidney’s to go hog at a five star hotel or else you settle for something that looks like Asian but tastes like nothing you have had on your travels around SE Asia but sounds like what you ordered. But of late there a few places that do pretty decent Asian food deliver. But my favorite by far is Asian Haus. When it opened a few years back I had binged on it a fair new times but somehow over the past couple of years completely forgotten about it. But out of the blue one day decided to try some again and see if they have still got it. I was really hoping it was still as good as it used to be.

So in my excitement I ended up with a truck load of food. So here is how my meal went…

For starters there was some really good Thai Pomelo salad but you guys know me I had a quick couple of bites and passed it on to someone who really likes eating cow food. The salad was fresh and the ingredients well balanced… Its always good to see places that take salads seriously as its usually a salad in this city is a bunch of greens with a dressing and if you like it may be a little bit of meat thrown together in a hurry and a dumped on to you table. I would definitely go back to this next time I decide to go on another diet I know is that will eventually fail

On to on one of my favorite things I had in this meal the dim sums and that god they weren’t momo’s disguised as dim sum’s What I had were the chicken scallion and the prawn har gau’s which I must mention came in a really cool lotus inspired box which wins them extra points in my book. They also came with the standard variety of dips and not just that stupid chili paste most people give you as chutney with your momos or if you are a fine dining place you might get that same chutney with sweet chili sauce if you are lucky. Honestly I really loved them and was sad I didn’t order more. But I for see a dim sum binge in my near future.

Along with this there were Sambal Prawns in the menu. Now I know a lot of you have never really tried Sambal curry before I would only give you 2 words: “try it” this one came out just perfect and thankfully not too spicy and for a change its good to see a place serve you proper sized “ prawns” and not shrimps disguised as prawns again perfectly cooked and the prawns were still juicy and retained some of their crunch by the time it was delivered to me and we were done. Again a big win in my book


The Japanese style fried rice were a very welcome change from the standard fried rice fare I have become sick of eating when not in the mood for noodles for starters it wasn’t oily at all and was loaded with chicken. Another one of those dishes I was really happy with and would happily order again.


The chili bail fish was probably the only dish I was slightly disappointed with because I felt by the time it reached me the fish had over cooked it self by the residual heat in the box and was too spicy for my taste but then I again I should have paid more attention to the word chili on the box…


The Hawker noodles were again a decent version of the classical Hakka noodles minus the grease and oil.


Even after eating all this the one thing I really like about the food was that I didn’t feel heavy at all… usually if I eat this much oriental food that too take away I am pretty certain ill be feeling sick later in the day but this time I wasn’t.

Verdict: Have they still got it ? YES they still have it. Will I order again ? yes I will

Overall Rating: 7/10

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