Sinyora’s Ravioli

Well I don’t usually do home delivery or ready to cook food reviews but the next couple of reviews will be of places that I have of late tried and have been impressed with to a certain degree… or not soo impressed… The city’s rapidly evolving food culture along with the mushrooming of small places enabling its citizens to experience new foods or try their hand at cooking is pretty impressive… Sadly not all of them are not who they are made out to be, whilst some deliver on all fronts…

So I begin of my experience with trying out Sinyora… I mean come on who doesn’t love ravioli well if you don’t then u need your head to be checked out… So this place is basically a home run food start up that does a variety of ravioli with sauces that you can combine at home to create a meal.

My thoughts the ravili dough was slightly too thick and they could making it slightly thinner… the stuffing and the quality of cheese used was up to my expectation but then again I wasn’t really mind blown… all in all decent and so was the tomato basil sauce but I would recommend adding more herbs to it to enhance the taste… all in all if you want a 10 minute dish this is not bad at all…. But made a bit of béchamel and added other secret ingredients to it… the best bit was that it all felt fresh and not something lying in a bad for a while…

On the packaging factor pretty clear cut neat packaging…


All in all a solid meal experience but can do with improvements surely. Will try again I suspect why because they do lasagna !!!


Sinyora's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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