No Jerking Around

Its been a while since I last wrote a restaurant review to I thought after months of procrastination and being down right lazy I am finally writing.

So for those who know me I have been in the Punjab of the West or the Land of Joe Trudeau aka Canada for the last few months and have been kind of taking it easy isconnected from the rest of the world. So this is an easy one and not gonna be going green.

This place is located in essentially what is the HKV of Toronto of sorts a place full of not so pretentious bars and lots of students and cheap eats. Oh also lots of drunk kids stumbling around making fools out of themselves. This place is like one of those dirty hole in the wall eateries that serve mind blowing food…

Walking in there is not much besides perhaps a drunk or a bum who has saved enough money after a night of panhandling treating them selves to some good ol Jerk Chicken.

Ocassionaly drunk Hulk stumbles into this place as well.. If you ignore the fact that this isnt the cleanest place in town and the fact that the food is pretty decently priced you might be willing to give it a shot or you are hungry and desperate. Yet have enough self worth that you don’t want to eat fried food or that terrible Pizza Pizza…. The place in many ways is a saviour for drunk people except that you might need to deal with the ring of fire if you go for their hot curry !

The usual staple here a variety of meat curries and 2 kinds of chicken i.e. jerk and fried. My recommendations Jerk Chicken with mild gravy over rice and a side of coleslaw ( do not i repeat do not attempt the hot curry unless you wish to take revenge on your innards and enjoy having your arse on fire)

Honourable mention beef patties which are classic Jamaican style patties.

jerk king

over all rating 3.5 / 5 yet to try it sober so cant say better than that.

Jerk King Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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