Going green for one day only : Devang House, New Delhi

When you are supposed to meet a friend on a lazy Sunday afternoon for lunch one doesn’t really expect the hulk to go eat cow food but rather eat a cow. But this time my “vegan” friend who recently admitted to having fish decided to force me to try out this place called Devang House ? and  I was like where is that ? Wait is that vegetarian ? Wait what Organic? Wait I hope it’s not like a Gujarai or south Indian ? Oh thank god it wasn’t … What Devang House really is a pretty interesting looking hipster kind of place in the heart of Lutyens Delhi that specializes in serving organic ethically sourced vegetarian food… first reaction did I drink too much and wake up in Shoreditch ??? This is Delhi we don’t know what the word ethics means and here we have a place smack in the city centre… admittedly the last time I had an all veg meal that I wanted to pay for was at Gate in London… the one place I would happily eat without missing my dose of meat…

You don’t need to imagine my mood when someone says lets go eat vegetarian on a Sunday you are hung over as F$%K that was me pretty much… But this place was kinda different for gtreeted at the door by the owner himself with a polite Namaste and smile the doom and gloom kinda lifted for a second and the hangover strikes back ( its may the 4th couldn’t resist a star wars pun)

The overall mood and ambiance of the place was what I can only describe as full of positivity may be it was the hangover abating or just the way the place was done it just seemed nice.

As for the food It was a toughie for me I have a tough time deciding what would actually taste good with out meat since its been a while since I had anything vegetarian besides dal and paneer and that’s what  I had settled for… oh how boring and yes I agree it was a super boring choice but I needed some good food… Of course I was promised that the “north Indian” experience will not leave me feeling like I had consumed India’s oil output for a day in a meal and they did hold true to their word… It was surprising light and what was a good thing tasted like really good Ghar Ka Khana more like the kind of food you would get if you at a traditional Indian kitchen like the one at your country cousins home who you would only visit for the food… overall a pretty satisfying meal finished off with vermicelli kheer which is one of my favorites. It really didn’t feel like I was eating at a restaurant which was a tad bit surprising because when places try to do down to earth food they really mess it up… the Folks at Devang House haven’t.

We also had the Ragi pancakes but I only had a bit to taste… pretty decent but I think I prefer my slightly unhealiter versions am not a big fan of Ragi if you ask me…

The Hummus and Pita were pretty decent as well…

Had a mint lemonade to top it all off all in all a pretty decent meal…

My only complaint from the place would be the fact that they took an age to get the bill…


Overall Rating 5.5: would I return again probably… overall the place felt good and what was good was for a change I ate good clean food and walked out feeling happy


Devang House - The Ashok Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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