Tian, ITC Maurya, Delhi: Just another day

Tian or as they like to call themselves Tian the Asian Cuisine Studio is another feather in long list of what I like to call ITC’s culinary cap. This was one place I had missed out on for the past few weeks and had been eager to try out. So when the Chefs table week came along I told my self this was one meal I couldn’t afford to miss out on… So with my table booked and ready it was time to start devouring and seeing it this place was as good as it sounds on paper a 6 course meal should be a fair test of how good or bad the place can be… On the outset I must state that the meal was off a one off promotional menu but one that I had paid for so don’t worry ill be my usual self here


We started off with the amuse bouche which was a standard introduction to Asian spices and flavors but nothing out of the ordinary but good to see a place in Delhi make the effort


Up next they really turned up with quirk factor with the Mushroom or Not which in essence was 2 mushroom creation served to you on a log one great and one not so great… The Enoki Mushroom with Quinoa and Parmesan was really interesting whilst the faux chocolate mushroom on a bed of spiced ice for me was just a try too hard effort to establish your quirk quotient… Might work for some certainly doesn’t for me.


The Prawns on the other hand were a completely different story here I would quote “Gar firdaus bar-rue Boshgab ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin ast” for the ones who don’t understand Farsi “If there is heaven on a plate then this is it, this is it, this is it ! “ that is all that I would use to describe the fantastic prawns with roasted sweet potato an amazing sauce with leek ash.


The spring chicken with broccoli cous cous and black pepper was pretty good as well but not even close to the prawns


Next was a nice rich creamy Kabocha Soup ( Pumpkin Soup) which was great in texture but I had a feeling they added way too much pepper than planned kind of ruined the experience but ill let this pass due my low tolerance for peppers.


Next was 60 degrees souvied sea bass with pineapple sauce and Sichuan dust ( well how can a progressive cuisine menu be complete with out something that hasn’t been put in the water bath right ? ) Again it was pretty good don’t know how good an idea the pine apple sauce was but another one I would pass on if I had to order…


As no decent meal of mine is ever complete with an absolute disaster to make me go green this disaster was green literally in the from of the chicken tarter with Thai green curry air… This one was the one rank tragedy of what was so far a relatively decent meal… firstly I don’t get why chicken tarter when it wasn’t really raw it was a cooked chicken tarter which kind of defeated the whole purpose really if you ask me it was a really strange and there was nothing airy about the rather thick Thai chicken curry which not just me but a lot of my fellow diners didn’t enjoy at all… Perhaps could have tried red curry might have gone better but sadly what was supposed to be the hero of the meal turned into batman vs superman…


The desert was again something which looked and felt thrown together but at least it had a lot of dark chocolate which was its saving grace

Overall the meal promised a lot but was a real let down in the end with the entrée… Some bits of culinary genius did show through in the meal but sadly chef Vikramjit Roy it wasn’t up to what I expected which was for my mind to be blown… when its called the chefs table week I expect my mind to be blown you could have stolen the title of my favorite restaurant in Delhi but sadly faltered on the last hurdle…What doesn’t disappoint ever at Maurya is the staff and the grade of service which is world class… Sadly I am disappointed but would still give you a 6 / 10

Tian - Asian Cuisine Studio - ITC Maurya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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