Totally Farzi Cafe

Oh I know I am late in the game with this review… This is a place that I should have reviewed a while back but F%*k it right! This is a place I have been to a number of times due to the fact that its the place to eat at in “NCR”… Every Pleb who calls themselves a foodie would instagram  food at Farzi and demand this place be given a star… oh how naïve… I thought I would let the hype die down a bit before giving it a once over…

What we get to begin with is a nice looking place with seemingly polite and courteous staff and a bit of a waiting line (at least during my last 3 visits there)… What you also get is a fancy sounding menu of things that shouldn’t go together in the first place… well for starters I read of something that was pretty much a Palak Paneer Quesadilla ! What the fuck! Thanks but, no thanks I would rather have gangrene!

And then we have the Karela Calamari, Dafuq ! why would you take something so nice as calamari and then sunsitute it with crap such as Karela and try and pass it off as Calamari and I did taste it on a past trip and all I can say was it was so bad that the guy who thought of this shit should be locked up and have the keys thrown away…

I don’t even wanted to get started on the duck samosa’s I don’t know what did they put me off more duck meat or samosa’s ,am still struggling to figure it out…

Since I was in a mood for burgers I thought this time around I should give their burgers a closer look

Since my date for the night was a cow i.e. vegetarian we had what can only be described as a glorified Reedi wala burger… well at least they didn’t pretend and they extended to its taste which was just about the same that one can expect of a 10 rs road side street burger…

The Mutton Galawati burger was good on the inside i.e. the patty was amazing but the bun left me wondering how was it possible to mess it up… it was stale and dry… Some times this really annoys me how difficult it is to do simple things such as getting the basics right after nailing Galawati kebabs which when done right are a piece of art…

Then there was what I like to call one of the most instagrammed dish in Delhi, the Parle G cheese cake / rabri… honestly for some who who really doesn’t have a sweet tooth I really love it.


What is really  good is the bar staff Kudos to Ammy and his team for keeping me fueled on really good whisky sour throughout my meal… The real redeeming factor that saved the place from a real bollocking by me was definitely the booze…


Food wise really average but a good attempt and duping the idiots of delhi by selling them their rather weak attempt at molecular gastronomy… I read in an interview that their food wasn’t supposed to be gimmicky but well let me correct you it was 100% gimmicky and failed to live up to its presentation and supposed hype…


For bits of the meal and the really good staff and cockatils I am going to give them a 4 /10 it could have been much lower if I was sober enough to recall all that I ate..


But if you think this is molecular gastronomy they you are just like Jon Snow… You know nothing !!!

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