Still Terrible Cafe : Big Chill

I got a lot of stick the last time I reviewed the big chill café so I thought sufficient time has passed that I can probably revisit the place and try again for the sake of my readers but I was certainly confident what has been terrible for 10 years will continue to be terrible… but the fairer sex has a stronger appeal than my taste buds and sense of sanity so lo and behold I was here again since I didn’t really want to listen to the doss my ex was going to put me through about how her life is awesome or its terrible because well I really didn’t care and her being terrible company coupled with a terrible taste in food was probably the reason why I left her… But being bought up the gentleman I had to put up with this so called “courtesy call” U can already see how foul a mood I am already whilst wrting this review under the table whilst she endlessly blabbers on and I just nod and say the odd uh uh to acknowledge and secretly hope she doesn’t catch me writing this review under the table.

Out frist was an amalgamation of leaves with token pices of meat really chewy stale looking pieces of chicken… It the kind that makes you think they were products of affirmative action… i.e. they are utterly terrible to taste but we must add them because it’s a chicken salad. Drizzled with dressing that was oddly similar to Mayo..  it wasn’t mayo but well it wasn’t the salad dressig I expected it to be.

The oreo shake was the usual with the thickness similar of the blockage it will cause in my artery eventually if I don’t get killed by the sugar first… just too sweet…

The next was the pasta in red sauce I am not going to call it arabiatta or what ever they want to name their “red sauce pasta” because there was nothing Italian about it… it was exactly the kind of pasta that idiots at a 700 rupees a plate wedding buffet love to eat with their naans as a vegetable. Noting special and infact so average I swear I was at some cheap wedding buffet eating pasta… to the point it tasted masalaey… I still fail to wrap my head around the fact people can call this dross Italian at this point I was thinking to myself I might be better off paying less attention to the food and more to the lady in front of me who might be saying something more interesting that the food being served… what’s even more annoying is that silly piece of pao they give with the pasta which is still the same… just about as far out of place as it was then…

By this point I was done and had lost interest all interest in eating anything else and my opinion that the big chill is still as bad it was… To call their food Italian in front of me is still a crime fitting of blasphemy and I will judge you solely on the basis of that opinion…

In fact I must give them credit for one thing… that is being consistent bad for over a decade and that takes some doing… My rating number don’t change they still are deserving of a big fat ZERO out of 10 if I could I would down grade them to a minus one

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