Indian Accent : Meal of the Year Edition

This is the one review I have been hanging on to for almost a year hoping to find the right time and place for this. I guess hoping all year to have a better meal than the one of the first I had last year I have spent the last 12 months pretty much getting disappointed, angry, pissed off, downright green !!! perhaps sometimes delighted but rarely so… If there was a meal that stood out head and shoulders about the rest I guess this has to be it… Though mind you 2 meals did come very close to be called worthy runner ups i.e. Gaggan, Bangkok and the Gymkhana in London, the Indian Accent for me was the best. So allow me to turn back the clock and take you there…

After a meal that was months in the planning, this one was my first proper meal at Indian accent after the first one was a quick unplanned lunch… So we decided to go for the full Monty this time as a part of the chefs table week we got was a food journey of epic proportions…


We started off with Blue cheese kulcha which to a lot of people might sound really strange as blue cheese isn’t something I expect a lot of Indian diners to be receptive towards. But I guess when it comes together as perfectly as this one can’t really complain…


Cauliflower and saffron shorba was a perplexing one for me… something that I personally didn’t really enjoy but my fellow diners were quiet pleased with it… firstly I really dislike that ugly vegetable and the thought of a soup made of it just puts me off.. but if you block your mind it didn’t taste too bad… It just wasnt my cup of soup i guess…


Aloo chat: nothing special just aloo chat done in a rather fine dining style that’s about it… crispy shavings of potato covered in sweetened yoghurt and chutney…

Parwn pakoda and beetroot tiki with wasabi here is where the fun stuff begins the prawn pakoda’s were for the uninitiated batter fried prawns Indian style and to fry prawns it’s always a risky proposition… but when it does come it can taste amazing… only complain I got one prawn… but hey if you ask nicely they will happily serve you a second which I shamelessly did…  The beetroot tikki was another one of those dishes I really didn’t expect to taste as good as it did and that strange combination of beetroot with wasabi and peanut butter just some one seemed to have worked… things were really starting to get interesting and your taste buds challenged…


Grilled amritsari fish with masala butter sauce and popadom made from skin: Fish another hard protein to cook and get right. Was just brilliantly prepared and kudos for using the skin to create a crunchy accomplice to the dish


The duck cornetto with chilli hoisin sauce: This was probably the second best course of the menu a rather interesting take on the classic Chinese duck in hoisin sauce albeit with a bit of a desi twist.


The most awesome pork ribs that were just out of this world… One of the true hallmarks of a really great restaurants is how well they cook pork in my opinion a rather difficult protein to get right.


Bhuna chicken roti tacos : This was a bit of a letdown kind of left me confised for taste somehow for me they just didn’t got with the rest of my so far awesome meal but then again one can’t have it all his way…


63 degree boiled egg keema and a bacon curry , with dal and wasabi raita accompanied with chicken tikka kulcha and duck and hoisin stuffed Naan

Am Keema one of my all-time favorites and one of the least messy ways of enjoying mutton cooked indian style because the one protein I hate eating off the bone outside of really spiny fish is mutton… the keema was of the right texture accompanies with one of my least favourite things in the world a runny egg… I hate runny eggs… it’s a bit like a super model with nasty drug habbit. Whereas the dal ws perfect and for me one of the best dal makhni’s outside of Bukhara which is the only thing I like there… another great touch with the wasabi Kejriwal’s favourite dish aka raita with the wasabi not overpowering everything thing else… the real star of the entrée course was the breads I absolutely loved the hoisin duck naan and the chicken tikka kulcha they were simply awesome and what was great was that the wonderful people allowed me to stuff my face with as many as I wanted despite it being a fixed menu meal… Good going for keep a glutton like me happy…


The only thing I didn’t like were the desserts… Somehow I don’t have much a of sweet tooth and for me to rave about a dessert that is not on my list of 5 things I would order for dessert it needs to be outworldly and sadly I didn’t find any one of them to be so…


Overall rating 9.5 the only things keeping it from being a perfect 10 was the dessert platter…

Will I be back again of yes perhaps when there a new chefs menu one day…

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