And The Award Goes To: Best and the Worst of 2015

And the award goes to:

Its been a mad 12 months for the hulk has been around and here is a roundup of the year it’s like the best and worst and its usually more of the latter.


Best Dish : Tiger Prawns with Spicy Tom Yan Sauce at Eat Me, Bangkok

eat me


Worst Dish:  Anything and everything I ate at Big Chill, Delhi

big chill

Best Cocktail : India Gold at The Blue Ginger, Taj, Delhi



Worst Cocktail: “ LIIT” at the Social Haus Khas Village


The WTF: Chocolate Momo’s at Wow Momos, New Delhi

The Vomit Inducer: Any thing and everything at Big Chill

Burger Heaven : The Ari Gold Burger at Patty and Bun, London

ari gold

Best Meal overall: Indian Accent


Biggest Disappointment: Hakkasan, London

The KLPD: Dishoom, London

The biggest foodgasm : induced by the Pig and Pickle at Gaggan Bangkok


Why even bother

The most consistently boring place of the year award : Yum Yum Tree 10 meals and no complaints what so ever in 12 months… but on the down side it always tastes the same and menu for their Sunday brunch

Best Restaurant: Gymkhana, London

I am never going there again: Hakkasan, London  

Redemption award: SodaWater Bottlewala, New Delhi

Epic Waste of Money: Dragons at Hilton, Istanbul 

Hidden Gem: Rustoms and the Parsi Anjuman in New Delhi  

The Midblasting Meal: Gaggan Bangkok

Best Value for Money: Bistro 37


The Heart Attack Inducer : The Deepdish at Instapizza, New Delhi



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