My Big Fat Greek Feast at Thalasa, Goa

My Big Fat Greek Feast at Thalasa

Of course Thalasa is not exactly a secret place in Goa but quiet to the contrary one of most popular eating joints in the state. One look at its Zomato rating which is a whopping 4.9 will tell you this place must be dam good or else has a marketing that is unparalled in the country… The moment you are rated this highly we all know what happens to the Hulks bullshit sensors: they go on high alert. Despite the fact that the place was highly recommended online as well as by my fellow agents of smash there was no way I was going to accept that the place is that dammed good without eating there… so finally after many a failed attempts to visit Goa I made it there last week… Pre warned that it gets really busy I made my way there early and the experience from the get go was good once I entered and asked for a table for 1 as most of my friends were still too hung over from yesterday… instead of a frown or a strange look the rather nice (may I also add  a really pretty hostess; note to self ask her out to coffee next time) gave me what was probably the best seat in the house at the end overlooking Vagator beach picture below:



The only rider was that I need to vacate it by 4:30 since they had a prior reservation… well it was just 12 so I kind of found that strange but her warning did ring true by the end of the day… I asked myself surely I won’t be sitting here for 4 and a half hours surely!

Well since I had a lot of time to kill and an appetite to go with it I decided to enjoy the view for as long as I could along with a book and some cold brews.

I started off the with the a portion of mixed pie with was in essence Greek styled samosa’s filled with spinach and different kinds of cheese primarily Feta which is later discovered that almost all of the dishes I ate had Feta in some form or other… Its Greek so I can only expect so much  no complaints what so ever yet.

Now here is my one gripe with the whole idea of getting the best seat in the house on a not so busy day… slow service… they did apologies for it but slow service can be a killer if you ask me…

So I started my day with a plate of mixed pies which were basically Greek style samosa’s minus the oil and spicy potato stuffing… the stuffing was perfectly balanced in flavor and richness without leaving you with the urge to vomit after a fairly large portion… it was what I would call a great accompaniment to the 12 pm beer which is was secretly sipping on trying to justify it as a holiday drink…


What followed next was the a rather surprisingly large of stuffed grilled calamari and no marks for guess what was it stuffed with… You got it right FETA FUCKING CHEESE !!! God they love Feta as much as I do…


Before you could say Feta again it was 4pm and being the good guest and feeling slightly over full it was time to leave… albeit for a few hours only…

As the day wore on I was asked to return back to the venue since quite a few of my friends who finally woke decided Thalasa would be a great place to hang out in the evening… So following my great meal in the afternoon I had absolutely no qualms about being back… by this time the place was incredibly crowded and we were forced to wait for our table since we were about 16 ppl they said a table might take time but were kind enough to give us a smaller table so a few of could sit whilst the other loitered around the bar… Post sunset which I must say makes for lovely viewing from the restaurant… is when the fun really began… The old lady who owns it and who I can presume were her sons treated the guests of a traditional Greek dance with breaking plates and all… A part of my was like oh dear lets hope some of their rather drunk Indian guests doesn’t get too carried away and decide to try his hand with the china… In the evening we had a rather fresh plate of bruchetta topped with you know what, followed by I can only describe as some form of Greek pizza interpretation or they like to call it pita with garlic and cheese… the third appetizer were the classic fried calamari thankfully without cheese because if I had any more cheese at this point I would have been sweating it by now…

They also had a motley crew of fire dancers, belly dancers etc. to keep you entertained all evening which just added to the atmosphere because the sight of dressed up ppl from Mumbai and Delhi out for a casual meal in Goa was starting to hurt my eyes… Of course by the evening the peace and quiet of the day was also ruined by those little critters we call children running wild… so I guess the fire dancers were also a good way of keeping them seated…

For dinner which was needless to half a bottle of vodka later I had the beef Kebabs which were also fantastic… too drunk to be able to accurately recall what it tasted like but distinctly remember enjoying it…Unfortunately no pic here


Overall a fantastic meal experience coupled with the evening entertainment, fantastic view, really efficient staff of which one looked like a copy of Nigel Thornberry earns this place a very well deserved 10/10 !!!


Yes you read it 10!!! I am not going soft but this was a meal I could hardly complain about…


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