Yum Yum Gloriously Boring Tree


I keep reiterating my love for sushi and cribbing about how Delhi lacks quality sushi joints in this city… most of them are just terrible attempts by foodprenuers at making a quick buck at the whole sushi trend or just don’t have a freaking clue about it besides the regular maki and California rolls… of course expecting regular Indian joints to do sushi as well as their counterparts in the near east or the west would be asking too much considering the quality of sea food ingredients available in Delhi. Which brings me to this place it’s been around for so long that the market in which its located has gone from being the hip youngster hangout to absolute desolation… I mean the other day I was around there was shit literally falling apart in the market…It’s kind of sad to see what malls have done to some of Delhi’s markets…

Back to my meal it is amazing how consistent that have been over the past one year… Once these guys had opened yum yum cha at saket I was expecting them to ignore this place and let it pass into obscurity but am glad they haven’t but this is where I have my bone to pick with them… whilst I have had 8 suhshi / dim sum lunches in this place over the past 12 months, it has be a repeat each and every bloody time… yes at this point you guys must be wondering isn’t 8 meals in a year at one place too much but that’s how much I enjoy eating here personally and it offers great value for money… where else can you get absolutely shitfaced and stuff yourself on sushi and dim sums for less than 2 k a person…

But here is where lies the problem with this place 8 meals have been an exact carbon copy of each other the menu is always the same… the quality above average but not something that will blow your mind away kinds… in short nothing new… there is awlays the same crab dumplings, the tempura rolls, the California rolls etc but where is the innovation my friend? I really yearn to see something new on the menu now it’s been too long that I have been having the same rehashed meal which don’t get me wrong I love, over and over again… Can we have something new on the menu ? Sadly as a regular I am starting to get really bored of this place now… There is only a finite number of times one can have the same meal at the same restaurant that one enjoys…

It’s time to evolve, you were once awesome for bringing sushi to the masses of delhi and gimmicky for the sushi train etc which was great back in the day but newer players have come on many not as good as you but more innovative who will eventually steal Yum Yum Tree’s legion of loyal followers and this too am afraid might fade into obscurity just like the once bustling market it was in… I sincerely hope not…

Overall it’s a 6 out of 10 place…

And on a side not if you don’t have the regular sushi menu I would suggest trying out the Thai style khao suey which is pretty decent…


The Yum Yum Tree Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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