Eating Lean and Mean – Part Deux : The Lean Chef


Finally giving healthy food one last shot the hulk decided to venture off to one of the most advertised healthy eating places in the city and one that belongs to someone I know… I usually don’t do reviews of places where I know the owner but since I was doing in the mood to eat healthy and write about my experiences of eating healthy I had to eat here at least one and talk about it.. People have been telling me to try this place out for the past few months and so I finally relented…. Well the base reason for boldly going where food hulk hasn’t gone before was waking up to a hangover of biblical proportions and getting convinced by one of my friends who I would describe as a walking dumbbell to give lean chef a try… expecting the worse I entered with trepidation and decided to punish myself with what would I can only describe as a  glass of my own green blood aka The green detox… honestly I was expecting it to be quiet vile but despite the color green and its rather unappetizing contents yet healthy content they some of managed to make it quiet palatable and surprisingly refreshing…

Of course its 2 pm on a Sunday and the hulk is hung over which means he has a hulk sized hunger so we dicieded to order the southwest chicken wrap which at first glance seem slightly less healthier than the others and wow I was just blown away I swear it tasted like 600 calories against what I was told to be 150 calories I was like what the F*%k ! how is that even possible…

Next was the Thai clay pot which I  was expecting to be a lot heavier and a lot of mre loaded despite the generous helping of chicken and vegetable if was also pegged at 400 calories and at this point I was like what hell ill just need to eat the whole bloody menu just to be able to equate the number of calories consumed to one of my better advertised food binges… That dammed clay pot was something I really wanted to hate on but I couldn’t with the exception of may be the brown rice but hey that’s supposed to be healthy too right? Well if you have a quick chat with the chef he will explain how he made that “healthy” clay pot “for you and quite frankly you would be at the point of saying I don’t want to live any more… That thing is:

  1. Quiet tasty and palatable relative to the so called healthy versions of the food I have had before
  2. Contains a whole lot of crap that’s good for you and apparently will make you crap better according to the friend of mine who I will affectionately call “dumbbell”

Chocolate Mousse : Time for sweets and guess what they had chocolate mousse now how the fuck can you do a healthy version of it and yet make it taste decent apparently you according to folks at lean chef… well it isn’t the best chocolate mousse in the world but if you look at the number of calories or that fact that there is something like a chocolate mousse its quiet astounding

All in all the taste is not out of this world but if you want a healthy meal that doesn’t taste like cow poop aka gobar or something you might only get at a hospital… Lean chef is a great option and the taste is quiet comparable to your local QSR restaurant… and oh yes the ingredients are fresher than subway… whats better is that the place is quiet bright and cheerful… Truly guilt free indulgence…

Overall a solid 5.5 Out of 10 if you kind in mind the health aspect of the place… Ill probably be seeing a lot more of their place.



Lean Chef Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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