Eating Lean and Mean: Part 1 – The Attrocious Nation

The Hulk feeling guilty after consuming too many calories and restaurateur egos decided to take a break try out India’s latest fad healthy restaurants… For starters The hulk cant quiet comprehend the concept of eating healthy whilst out for a meal,  which is pretty much the equivalent of eating some leaves covered in olive oil and vinaigrette along with some kind of boiled / smoke meat with absolutely no flavor… In short feel like a fucking cow that stupid dumb animal that does nothing but fart methane and cause traffic jams on the streets of India.

So having decided to shed a few kilo’s the hulk decided to give the healthy eating joints of this city a once over started off with Nutritious nation which is probably the first so called healthy food joint in the city… am not gonna waste precious space on giving you a detailed review of the food since it was quite frankly terrible…

What I ordered was a Cajun chicken wrap which quite frankly I could have done at home in 15 mins and then if you want to call that green chutney guacamole you need to have your taste buds examined. The second order was  protein in a bun which claimed to have a “juicy chicken breast” in it… of course the words juicy and breasts might give you the wrong idea and this wrap was definitely a wrong idea for soo many reasons… I can honestly compile a book on it firstly there was nothing juicy about the chicken which felt like a latex glove dry rubbery and absolutely disgusting to eat… the bread was soo dry that after 2 bites of this super dry burger all I wanted was water and for the burger to go into a dustbin… Remind me never to go here again a heart attack is better than the food at atrocious nation…

Part 2 coming soon

Nutritious Nation Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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