Bistro 37: Hidden Gem

As far as hole in the wall places go this place in the true definition of it… A small little take away located close to the now infamous tea shop in Noida is someplace you might not be too tempted to try dismissing it as another one of those 20 something college kids trying to make money selling sandwiches and burgers… Its like a nothing new by discount this place at your own peril. The hulk did discount this place for a few months but one fine hungry evening I decided to say F#$k it and give it a shot how bad could it be  ? Well for starters it wasn’t bad at all…

The hulk started off with a club sandwich a sandwiched rehashed and repackaged to death many a sandwich shops but this one was different… loaded with chicken filling and eggs minus those annoying tomatoes this one was a bit of fresh air but what I really want to complain about this sandwich is the fact that there was no option to add bacon if only this thing would have been on the next level… Hotels and other cafes take note.

Up next were the burgers the glutton that I am I went for 2 of them at the same time mind you these 2 were the next day there was no chance in hell I would have managed to eat that monstrous club sandwich and 2 burgers in one meal.

The New School which is actually a throwback to an old school chicken burger with 2 big patties of chicken slathered in their house recipe of mayo and the boggart which was basically the same with really nice juicy perfectly spiced patties of lamb.. now for those pros / gourmet burger joints serving lamb burgers this is one you must try… I have had a fair few “gourmet” burgers in this city and most of them are fairly rubbish… this isn’t out worldly but done just right and at the price point of less than Rs 150 one can really complain about it… Honestly after having these 2 burgers I can confidently say these 2 kids who set up the place are beating their more established QSR rivals such as carls junior which is so bad I wouldn’t ever go there again in India and wendy’s which never managed to capture our imagination a real run for their money… Its old school back to the basic fast food no pretension attached… Burger wise I would rate it overall in the top 5 joints in the city… If only they did beef burgers but alas that’s just a pipe dream…

I would have this place on my watch list as they could really go places in the near future… that is if they can maintain their overall quality and improve the quality of the breads… not to say that its bad but it can be much better and will increase the overall taste of both the sandwich and Burgers…

Overall 5/10 rating bolstered by the fact that I was great value for money as well… as they say it’s a fair bang for your buck…

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