SodaBottle Redemption

If you do recall my earlier post of this place as OilyKhanaBanaeWala, the hulk had a terrible time with oily greasy food that didn’t live up to expectation but that didn’t deter the hulk from returning cuz secretly sometimes I like to run the heart attack gauntlet and give some place another chance. Knowing it is one of AD Singhs places and going by my experience at some of his other places, I was quiet bewildered as to how could he get food so messed up. So craving something interesting and yet Indian I decided to visit the place again for a Nowruz Bhonu that they had advertised… Some of you who know me also know the fact that I keep ranting and raving about Bawa Food all the time. So I guess you couldn’t keep me away for a long and in the words of the Gubarnator “I was back!”

This time I decided to go for a Traditional Nowruz Bhonu which was basically different bits of parsi food thrown together on a big ass plate.

As per habit I ordered one of my favorite cocktails in the city called the Bawa Ji Nu thullu which is essentially a parsi style LIIT… I ordered 2 for me and my fellow diner who basically wanted to taste it. The Hulk being a Greedy SOB hates sharing so I had to order another one for my date and hoped she wouldn’t drink it and ill get 2… But that evil plan was ruined as I was told that would total to 4 and that by Monday standards was a bit too much for me but I the hulk would rather die than watch alcohol go to waste.

soda 2


Anyhow back to my meal

There is only one option my case, is Non Veg…

Am full combination of a traditional parsi meal dhansak, cutlets pulao and followed by kheer as good as one could have hoped for and to top it all up if you managed to polish off the full serving you would definitely have overeaten which makes it excellent value for money… one thing the hulk hates the most is having to order more after ordering a fixed menu meal…

Of course any meal at sodabottlewalla is in completely with out having a slice of the excellent pound cake they do… which is straight out of a enid blyton novel. So in this case the place was definitely redeemed after the horror story of a first meal.

Over all rating 5.5 / 10 not quiet Britannia good and still too commercial a taste.. but a good place to start you want some thing more authentic I would recommend rustoms though


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