Curious case of Dr. Jeykell and Mr. Hyde at K3 at JW, Delhi

Warning this is a meal where I ate 9 different kinds of animals so if you are a weakling aka vegetarian please feel free to stop reading now.

K3 at the JW Marriot, Aerocity, New Delhi has been on a radar for a while, boasting of one of the Hulks favourite restaurants in the city the Akira Back, The hulk had been looking forward to this meal for quite a while now… So one fine day a friend visiting from out of town made it a perfect excuse to go rule the rule over the place… The first impression was great a pretty neatly designed place with an huge selection of food and clearly demarcated buffet stations for Tuscan, Cantonese, Desi and Deserts… what was a good touch was the staff not making a face when we requested that they move us away from our designated table to a new one thanks to the presence of little bundles poop and puke running around in the general vicinity of our tables. This was a really strange one what was good was amazing but then what was bad was absolutely terrible… There was no middle ground, no consistency at all which the real disappointment was.

The long and short of this meal was as follows

The Jeykell:

To start off with the salads were great nice and fresh unlike a lot of 5 star buffets which use really filthy old greens just to save a few pennies… Animals eaten: Squidly Diddly, Octopus, Shirmp aka prawns…

Rant time : Dear Chefs / Managers / Restauranters please dont call any small decapod crustacean prawns…

The Tuscan Style Moo ( If you know what I mean) cooked to perfection…

The Bolognese: One of the best Bolognese I have had in Delhi this year.. The pasta was a perfect al dente and not the overcooked bullshit they called pasta in other place

Oriental style BBQ pork… Ah just amazing…

The Chicken Shu Mai dumplings pretty routine…

The pizza was spectacularly average and boring…

Well that was a good and the decent bit of my meal and now we come to the part where things get interesting…

The Hyde :

The lets begin with the absolutely atrocious Prawn Har Gow dimsums everything about it was off the pastry was too thick and the dumplings over cooked with the pastry just falling off the dumpling… taste wise a big fat zero..

The Tuscan Style Lamb perfectly crappy tough and fibrous… Not the raw kind but the poor quality meat kinds… Why is it so that the lamb turns out to be a real disappointment in man 5 star hotel meals? Do a lot of chefs fall off to sleep in the how to cook lamb calls in chef school sometimes I ask myself… usually woefully over cooked and usally not up to the mark… I mean I have had 3000 rupee (50$) lamb chops and places which have turned out absolutely rubbish… Oh Why?

The oriental style duck another one to the list of poorly prepped protiens dry, tough and fibrous…

The same could be said for the Paneer tikka which again was big letdown…

Now comes to the worst part of the meal i.e. the desserts this part of the meal started off with a bad note when I found 2 filth plates on the stack… Why the hell can’t you keep clean plates I ll understand if they are slightly dirty but these were downright filthy… someone in the dishwashing section has been slacking off… You can’t call yourself and have 2 dirty dessert plates in the same stack… Absolute disgrace.

The Rasmalai was below par, the carrot cake was dry like the Sahara desert… I could have sworn I was eating carrot flavored sand, The Sugarfree peanut buffer ice cream tasted like really cold peanuts and not remotely like peanut butter… Even the Crem Brulee was too runny and sweet and did I forget to mention they did a shoddy job caramelizing the sugar on top…

Overall Verdict

There were some good bits in my meal and some terrible ones overall the meal was a letdown. I’ll give it a weak 4/10 it was a meal that promised a lot more but sadly failed to deliver.


K3 - JW Marriott New Delhi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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