Home style Parsi food at the Parsi Anjuman in Delhi

Well this is not really a review of food but a general PSA / Shout out to my followers about this little gem of a place I ate at recently and had a great meal…

The hulk is really fond of good home style parsi cooking which very hard to get in Delhi and one must satisfy him / herself with places such as soda bottle walla and rustoms which mind you is pretty decent. But since the time I moved out of Mumbai I craved a good home style parsi meal… So when I discovered that the local Parsi Dharamshala had a small canteen and the family who manages the place can cook you a Parsi meal on notice, it was an opportunity too good to pass up… So lo and behold we ended up there for a lunch and all I can say was the meal was amazing… Walking in to the dining hall of the dharamshala is like walking in to a time machine that instantly transports you back to the 70’s whether intentional or not it really gives you a pinch of nostalgia from days gone by…


Now of course it wasn’t the restaurant kind of food one would usually expect but a proper home cooked meal perped and served with love…

  1. We started off with a Patra nu Macchi which was for me the best dish of the day and if we weren’t restricted by portion I would have had easily polished off 4-5 helpings of it… it may be noted that I am not a big fan of fresh water fish and I usually avoid it but this was an expectation… the fish was perfectly cooked and marinated… Every once in a while there comes a dish that checks all boxes and I guess this was it



  1. I Also managed to sneak in a bit of the veg pattice that one of my friends had asked for since it was a Tuesday… something I never really understand but I am glad that he in his religious delusion ordered it because even that was amazing


  1. The Salli chicken was decent but by the standards set by the fish and pattice it was a slight disappointment… but then again I have never been a big chicken salli fan, For me a good Salli perpetration has to be made out of mutton botis.


  1. The Pulao which wasn’t a berry Pulao before you jump to conclusion came accompanied with Kebabs or as I would like to call them meatballs which were pretty decent to the point I ate more than I should have had..


  1. The other hero of the day was the dhansak which was again done just right… nothing fancy no frills just simple Dhansak… Its called dhansak and not dal meat for the uninitiated FYI
  1. The desert of the day which every one keeps raving about i.e. the Parsi dairy Kulfi was for me the only let down but then again I am not exactly the biggest of India’s answer to ice cream but that rant is due for a later day


Special shout out to Mrs Bagli and a daughter in law Benifer for hosting us for a great meal


This one will not be rated some things are not meant to be rated and this was definitely it. Hulk says that this is definitely food for the soul…

Parsi Anjuman Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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