WoW that was terrible

Well this is going to be a unique review of a place I went to and surprisingly had nothing to eat.

Now tell me who doesn’t like Momos ? Oh you don’t ? well off to the shrink for you… Momos are one of the hulks favorite soul foods and of course now when he goes somewhere and doesn’t get what he expects he will be visibly upset… So here is a tale of one such meal…

Gone are the chic days of the village when it used to be the hangout of choice of the capitals hipsters… The new HKV is more bling that the most devout Sindhi… On top of all the bling smack in the middle you one would find what probably is the most blindingly yellow building that houses this place called Wow Momos. It so bright one has to bring their solar eclipse watching goggles and hope they don’t go blind… What to does one do, when you are craving those o so juicy momos you risk it right?

Well I did with trepidation that the food doesn’t tastes as bad as the building’s bright you know what colored façade.

So having looked at their rather interesting looking menu I decided to place an order there

Option number 1: Prawn Momo’s Not available

Option number 2: Wheat Chicken Momos Again not available

Option number 3: Fish Momo yes no marks for guessing. Not Freaking Available !!!!

Option number 4 : am getting the fu*k outta here

If I just want to have plain steamed chicken momos I would rather pay the poor man on a kart my money than pay you for really ridiculously overpriced momos… I can’t quiet understand why all the advertising and ho ha about the place where you don’t have 3 out of 6 non veg options unavailable that 50 freaking percent of your menu. Either you are that popular or no one comes to your store so you don’t bother even stocking the more exotic variety… From what I have seen a few times it looks like no one really bothers to visit

Your rather apathetic service staff was prompt to tell me sir we have all veg options available. Are you Jain momo corner or something ?

And wait its not over What the hell are chocolate momo ? Those things which I did try on previous visit are downright disgusting… Well someone is busy wasting VC money from what I can see… Places like these are the reason why startups go down the drain and the economic times screams doom and gloom for new VC money coming into the market…

The Hulks reaction : Wow what a pile of steaming C#@p !! I cant even give it a number because I didn’t actually get anything to eat there…



Wow ! MOMO Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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