InstaImpress with InstaPizza

I remember starting a discussion on the need for a place in Delhi that can do a proper Chicago style deep dish pizza a few months back. I was mighty impressed to find a joint a few weeks later actually come back and claim they will do a Chicago deep dish pizza. Even though I was secretly very happy someone was going to try it, deep down inside I had a feeling of dread. Seeing of late most fast foods I love in the west have been successfully ruined by some Indian versions of it or brands lacking the cojones do the food that really made them famous over some shitty chicken only versions. ( Burger King, Carl’s Jr and Wendy you are listening I hope)

There was part of me that really wanted to order it and a little voice on my head telling me not to order and save myself the disappointment. But I guess the hungry part of me won a few days back and I decided to give them a call…

From the outset I was impressed by the order takers clarity and command over English, since this is something I am not used to in Delhi. Normally you can spend anywhere between 2 to 20 minutes over the phone trying to explain to some dude in the queens language the difference between over U and W block in your address…

So per my rather smooth conversation over the phone I settled on the monster 12 inch Deep Dish Pizza loaded with toppings as the order take specified I could have as my toppings as I wanted. True to their word 45 minutes later there it was sitting on my table a real deep dish pizza pie. Well it wasn’t thick as I expected it to be but seemed a light years ahead of domino’s sorry excuse for a deep dish pizza.


The promise of as many toppings as I wanted was kept as my Pizza was absolutely loaded with meats cheese and marinara sauce. On the taste front having tried what was probably more than my fair share of Deep Dish Pizzas in Chicago it was somewhat close but then again much much better than my expectations. About 20 mins later when me and a fellow were done with our pizza, felt like had eaten an elephant. I must at this point warn you if you don’t have a cavernous appetite even the regular sized pizza is good enough for 2.

On the taste front the toppings / fillings seemed of good quality or so it seemed as I had a bit of a stomach ache an hour later. Not sure if I can point a finger on the meats or on the fact I had eaten too much. But yes the crust could do with a bit of work since the crust in some bits was really too hard for one to eat. I don’t mind a hard crust but my fellow foodie really didn’t take to the crust and those went waste. The marinara / pizza sauce wasn’t really a really true marinara and was a little too sour for my liking. Outside of that it was pretty decent.

Overall verdict: given the fact that Instapizza tried to do something different and have seemingly pulled it off I would give InstaPizza a 5.5 out of 10… I was really impressed by the guy on the phone and that fact that when I called to check where my pizza was he was prompt to call be back informing me it will be there in 5 mins unlike the rest who will be like he is on the way. He said he will check and let us know where exactly the delivery boy was.

Good Going InstaPizza the Hulk is happy

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