The House of Below Average Dim Sums

Alas twas Sunday again! Time to get rid of the hangover and taste of bad late night food from some shady place at 3 am… Mind you the nice ones are hardly open and as I can recall there are a couple of decent delivery places open late. One likes to call itself bad but in essence  bad at all. Feeling slightly posh but not that posh I decided to visit the Taj Palaces poorer slightly not so rich cousin the Taj Mansingh… The Mansingh also happens to be the home of one overpriced  and over  hyped yet alarmingly average desert known as Bulls Eye and if you have ever eaten it and paid for it you know you have been cheated…

So now over to my meal and the House of Ming… A couple of us decided to go grab one of my favorite hang over cure foods outside of well Mexican food in particular Chipotle… Oh how I miss a good beef Burrito… Since we are in India and no chipotle and no beef… I was forced to turn to the next best

So here is the tale of the plate:

Up first were the chicken wontons, or as I would like a wanton waste of space on my plate. Absolutely bland and tasteless…

Next up some chicken dim sums with black bean. I can tell you up front I am not a big fan of black beans but this one was so bad I wanted to vomit… they were drier than the Sahara… hey what happened to dim sums  being steamed? Felt as is they had been prepared beforehand reheated and then served… Did you be naughty and serve me a cancelled order and think you could get away???

This was going to be another one those meals…

The Prawn and Mustard dim sums… half decent but they forgot the mustard!!! Mustard is supposed to have a spicy / tangy kick to it which was more lost that a ball in high weeds… I mean seriously how incompetent can you guys be its Taj for Christ sake!!! How low will the standards drop to before you wake and realize you are now shit!!!

The crab and prawn dim sum: what an unqualified disaster they were!!! This time I was surely convinced that they were serving us old / re heated food the dim sums were hard!!! So hard you can stick them on a ring and ask a lady to marry you. Next time put a House of Ming crab dim sum on it.

Giving up on the meat dim sums I decided to give a chance to some plant life… so next up were the spinach and garlic dim sums and another disappointment it never ceases to amaze how some places can’t even get one thing right and still be rated so highly the public… just cause you are in a fancy hotel doesn’t mean you are going to be good… The spinach was over boiled and the garlic seems to have been completely forgotten… For the hulk that was it no more… What a terrible dining experience…

The Hulk very angry !! House of Fail !!!

Overall Rating 1.5 /10

Will the hulk go again ??? probably not!

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