Momo’s @Yashwant Place

Nestled in the heart of the Diplomatic area of Delhi, is a little market that still lives in the era of the soviets. Famous at one point in time for its emporiums / shops selling overpriced jackets and junk jewelry to unsuspecting Russkies, the Chanakya Cinema hall, and the row of Tibetan Food joints that have pretty much been a part of any normal Delhites life growing up in this city in the 1990’s… Yeah its more of that something only 90’s kids will know BS… So cutting to the chase after a day of meetings around town the Hulk decided to drop by for a dose of Nostalgia and some desi Chinese food… Having been used to those big juicy meat filled Dimsums aka Momo’s for over a decade the hulk loved the food at Yashawant Place… I quickly popped in to one of those little eateries who are either called Chimney or Laguna must say 100 marks for Originality… I counted a total of 4 such places with the same names…

So hungry after a day’s labor and craving momos I decided to order a plate of chicken momos, a plate of chicken spring roll and some chicken chilly garlic noodles… I guess I was feeling a little too chickeney…

First up the Spring Rolls.. Verdict Horrible…. Gone are those days of nice crispy meat loaded juicy spring rolls which one could tuck into and not feel to guilty about the indulgence afterwards… I don’t know what happened but these hardly had any meat and were just filled with noodles with specks of chicken hard to locate with an electron microscope… on the crunchiness factor they were oily and soggy…

After a few seconds of fuming my mood was instantly elevated with a plate of those oh so lovely chicken momos was placed before me… Without further delay and care for the fact that they would be steaming hot I decided to take a bite of nostalgia and CRASH !! What a fucking train wreck they turned out to be… the Pastry was thin and falling apart the moment you lifted them… the filling was devoid of the juiciness and the flavor and was completely tasteless and dry.. And then I said to myself what the fuck is going on!!! I was by now absolutely green and angry… My memories of those hot juicy momos were instantly replaced by this thing they put in front of me!!!


I was so pissed off I had absolutely no interest and inclination to bother with my noodles but in the hope for redemption, I braved to take a bite out of what looked like chilly garlic noodles… Well for starters the noodles had been overcooked like maggi that we left too long on the stove and has turned into halwa… but at least the flavor was still there despite the poor texture… oh and I forgot to mention the amount of grease it had… if you dropped some of those noodles on the floor they would be the Chinese food equivalent of a banana skin…


Over all verdict 0.75

Thanks but no thanks for fucking up one of my fondest childhood memories…

Hulk Angry

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