The Big Fail Cafe

If there is one place in Delhi that is on the top of my absolutely hate the place list,it has to be the Big Chill Café in all of its avatars. The pretentious, hole in the wall space’s  claim to fame is supposedly popularizing Italian cuisine in the capital. The hordes  of clueless headless lovers know diddly squat about Italian cuisine

Yes, I am talking about you lot who will probably visit Italy eventually-( probably off your daddy’s hard earned money) and exclaim upon return that the Big Shit café does better Italian food than the Italians themselves… )

big chill

Don’t even bother going into hiding sheepishly, if you want to eat tomato gravied tadka marke pasta, at least let some decent effort go into it with some other places in town.

I hate to admit it but there have been a few occasions I have been dragged to this abyss by friends and ladies alike and forced control my urge to go Postal on the kitchen after the abomination I am served.

I’d have to shoot myself in the face twice before going there again, but it was for the charm of a newly acquainted lady friend and what it might bring that I grudgingly dragged my feet to the hellhole that becomes a bloody café. Here are the excruciating details:

  1. Started off with an Oreo Shake ( which seemed safe at the time) ) : Cheers guys, you managed to screw that up ; overloaded with sugar and so thick you’d probably need a PVC electrical pipe. Hypoglycemia type inducing. It was as described earlier in a post which you can read here  a Type A 
  2. Antipasti Platter : Assorted cold cut, ham and something pretending to be chicken thrown together Marks for nothing
  3. Lasagne Bolognese : I kinda made the same mistake twice. I had harbored a hope of a second chance, but disappointingly predictable was what it was, keema curry pushed under the noses of unsuspecting souls as Bolognese… guys, even canned Ragu gets it right…How hard can it be ?
  4. The dessert used to be something to write home about. NOPE. You may have introduced cheesecake to the quintessential Rajouri garden aunty, but at least whip the eggs in something as easy as chocolate mousse. effing disaster

Overall rating : 0 for fucking up one of my favorite cuisines…

Hulk so angry Hulk Smash everything to pieces

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