Keventers 2.0

Having spent my childhood growing up in Delhi there were certain outlets how ever good or bad they might be, that formed the formative parts of your experience eating out as a kid in Delhi especially if you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s. The HCF, Mutton Sausage Pizza, the Big Boy Burger of the erstwhile amazing Nirula’s , The Mutton Burger at Wimpy’s ( God knows where they disappeared to  ) , Chole Bhature at Bengali Market and Milk Shakes at Keventers to name a few… And the journey with all of them has been from ” Oh My God The Best Thing Ever” to utter Shite am not coming here again. Yet we still crave these relics from our formative years… Keventers probably is the most relevant example in my case as a business from the 90’s they did try and open more branches but somewhere down the line royally fucked up and ended up in a condition no better than a chaiwallah the last time I had a milkshake there a few years back it was so bad I vowed never to come here again… But my heart craved for Keventers

Then a few weeks back I found out they had come up in a new avatar at Select and I thought to my self oh well its probably some rich brat who has chanced upon a brand  name and has decided to create a fuck allover priced product to sell to us in the garb or nostalgia. Not like that hasn’t been tried and tested in the past.

Keventers @Select Saket

One thing about milkshakes is that you can have milkshake of 2 varieties

A. A Diabities inducing mulch of random fruits / cookies / chocolate doused with nauseating amount of artificial flavoring. Ala what you get at “Cafes” in Delhi

B. A lighter flavorful milkshake that you can have with having an overwhelming need to turn Bulimic after  a glass. and is probably not going to give you diabetes ala the original Keventers Milkshake from the 80’s and 90’s before they stopped giving a shit and started to add too much sugar and dilute it with water…

So expecting a type A milkshake I got suckered in the name of Nostalgia and in the larger interest of finding some new ammo for my blog post.

The Menu did have a lot of Type A sounding Milkshakes on the Menu and did have a classic section and boom I knew what I was gonna order. The Classic Strawberry Milk Shake


And There it was dreading the worse I took a sip and lo and behold I was 12 again… They did do an an amazing job at recreating the taste and texture of the original…

Whats even better is that you can take these retro glass bottles home after you are done.

No Ratings : But i will go back again soon.

For a change I am happy

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