Blue Ginger @Taj Palace

The Blue Ginger: Well well well if it isn’t the Taj with great hotels comes a great criticism. Having certain credit cards does enable you to get really good dining deals at a nice places. Dear Taj if you think I had a meal on the cheap that I would go easy on you well then you certainly are mistaken the judgment shall as always be swift and brutal where necessary. Firstly to start of it the reason I picked you over a couple of other places was simply because they were sold out before I could book them. Since Vietnamese was a cuisine that I wanted to try especially at a nice restaurant the Blue Ginger was a logical choice.  So between 2 people we decided to a 3 course meal each… The service as expected from the Taj was really good and it was good to see the manager and the chef come up to greet us even though we were on the budget package as I like to call it.. Interiors were just strange or atleast to me they were quiet garish and trying too hard to look like a 5 star dining place and certainly completely out of sync with the cuisine


For starters We got 2 little pieces of fried crispy spring rolls… with glass noodles and a shit load of salad… firstly who the hell plates like this in a modern restaurant come on gimme some plating… and 2 measly pieces but I guess am having the cheap experience meal you guys are cutting costs but at least bother with the filling as there as hardly any meat in the little pastries… And whats with the 90’s style salad with a cut vegetable flower ? Firstly these cut vegetable flowers are such an epic waste of food even though I hate vegetable its not fucking cool to waste them trying to do food flowers… who in the right minds eats one of those unless you are some weird bhukkad


Second appetizer consisted of a chunks of lamb in a sauce I forgot… that’s how regular Chinese restaurant it tasted… what ever happened to Vietnamese


For mains I ordered a Prawn curry but somehow they managed to pass my prawns through a “shrink ray” ala Honey I shrunk your prawns! And the prawns served to me in my curry had more mass in their tails compared to the rest of them… Did you be a naughty boy and sever me the microscopic prawns?? absolutely ruined my curry but good to see a French baguette accompany my curry which was unexpected… since my whole experience so far has been run of the mill oriental I wasn’t expecting them to pay attention to something that is common in Vietnam.. Once again I was visited by the chef to ask how my meal was, trying hard to be civil and nice for a change I held back and just nodded… Oh before I forgot we also had staples as a part of our mean which consisted of well fried rice which my local Chinese van guy makes for me i.e. special order / recipe and noodles which were fairly average… again nothing to write home about the whole meal experience so out of sync from Taj I felt like I was sitting in one of those shitty Yo China!  Franchise outlets…


Thankfully there was booze from its spoilt brat hangout, the Blue Bar that put me in a happy place…. However shitty the food might be the one thing I know is that Blue Bar does some epic cocktails and I wasn’t disappointed what I had was an India Gold which one of their signature cocktails and boy did it taste good. I could easily have been sitting in one of London’s fancy overpriced cocktail bars and this drink would be in its rightful place…Probably no one who is reading my post right now have ever heard of it or tried it at the Blue Bar, since you were too busy drinking your single malts with coke and Vodka-Redbulls showing of your fake Hublot or Lv bag to your friends. Do your selves a favor and try it… IMG_4672

Onwards to the Desert which was a caramel custard with ginger and coconut… Finally the chef woke up and decided to plate a proper dish for a change nothing too great to write home about the plating but at least they made an effort and in today’s world where stupid is okay I’ll give them marks for effort… over all decent desert if you removed the chunk on ginger on the top that made my desert taste like Halls throat lozenges which is fine if I did have a sore throat.


Am I coming back only if I feel like setting fire to my money for average food. My advice go to Tian much better Asian… This really wasn’t the real deal just like the city all talk no flavor… OverAll rating : 4.5/10 (extra points for service and the amazing cocktail recommendation) Cocktail Rating 10/10 Delhi this one has set the standard for me open challenge to a bar to top this and don’t worry ill pay for it… Just let me know if you can match let alone top this effort

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2 thoughts on “Blue Ginger @Taj Palace

  1. Hello,
    Came across your posts and I have to admit that I love the whole angry Hulk vibe to it. One small request, it would be great if there could be a quick round of spell check as well as grammar correction before you put up a post. Would make the reading experience a lot more convenient and believable. Happy eating!

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    1. Greetings… thank you soo much for your feedback… This is an earlier post i have been making an effort to keep the mistake to an minimum of late… but i have to admit they are still there… will continue to improve as we go along… Keep following the Hulk for constant updates… have a good day 🙂


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