Unhappy Haka

So my folks happen to live in this little suburb of Delhi called Noida or as most of you ignorant sods would like to call the crime city… in fact I grew up here at its pretty safe well at least for me… expect the fact that I am over 6 feet tall and weigh over a 100 kilos not many places in the world I would really call unsafe based on my size…

Getting to the point, in the past I have been a loyal customer of this place that has in the past served me decent oriental food ( I do need some sane reasonable food can’t keep eating fancy all the time). Well by decent I compare it to what is available in the city that restaurateurs seem to have forgotten Noida…

The service in the past has been decent nothing too great to

Of late I have noticed a marked lowering of quality of food esp. things like leafies in their soups… which yesterday it took the cake for me… Firstly when I order soup I expect my greens to the spotless and clean not looking like a Dalmatian…  Secondly when I find a spec of hair how every minute it might be it is a spec of hair and doesn’t show you as an outlet in good light…

The story got even worse when we complained about the food and your guys at the restaurant said they will send some one to look it up… So you think we were lying… well for starters if I had to lie I would put a strand of hair in my dish and call you any how… What good would sending a food inspector do you… you need to trust a customer when he says there is something wrong with their food… I guess you didn’t go to hospitality school and learn the very fundamentals of service that the customer is ALWAYS FUCKING RIGHT !!! no matter what… we so their food inspector come to check on my soup and goes back and a while later I get a call from the Manager or owner who so ever that we are sending a replacement… 40 mins after the complaint !! What did u call in the CBI to check it ??? and then have the balls to ask me if I can return the earlier product why so you can repackage it and send it to some other soul… Atleast in my house once it is established that the food is spoilt we throw it away and that’s exactly what we did… Stop reading me your company policy bullshit cause frankly I don’t care ! You Fuck up my food you apologies profusely and we are good… You give me silly company policy spiel and you end up on my hit list just for that…

You quality of taste of late has taken a bit of a hate and however nicely you package your food and give garnishes etc is useless if I find a fucking hair in my soup… Not one fucking ounce of feeling sorry by your staff… You did good food with cool packaging it was good… You fuck up and now am angry not fucking cool at all… and I do have eyes like a fucking microscope eating food I have paid for…

Overall I still love your food and will order again… But please do mess it up again

Here is a pic below you need to look hard at it and you will find it in the red box

soup happy haka hair

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