The Dodgy Todgy Shop

And the search continues: As all of you know by now that I am still on the hunt for the prefect South Indian meal by that I mean “ non-vegetarian meal” not that roadside food packaged fancily without great taste sold in “ South Indian Vegetarian” restaurants ! You know who you are and quite frankly there is only one south Indian vegetarian place in the whole city where I can even think of eating a meal that too only on the threat of being fed food from another shittier place… More on that later there is a special hell reserved for them in my book… So this time I managed to make my way to the food court at Select City Walk in Saket… Since I can’t even comprehend the thought of visiting the place that wished it was Shoreditch or Greenwich but in reality is a watered down Karol Bagh now a days aka Hauz Khas Village or as some of you “cool” folk like to call it HKV. I decided on poping over to the Toddy Shop at the food court at Select…. As much as I hate visiting a food court in a mall I am quite impressed at select city walks attempt to at least bring brands that serve overrated food as vendors rather than, cheap tacky generic names from the first result you find on googling restaurant names with the cuisine suffixed in front. Since it was my first time here and there were a few places I wanted to try and some I didn’t… my choice was obvious given my newest obsession with finding awesome coastal food in Delhi


On to the Toddy Shop and their lovely sounding menu that had just about everything I wanted to try on it… Since I was the only one eating my 2 picks were the Mutton Kotthu Parotta and a combo involving mutton stew, spiced butter milk and a single Malabar Parotta… So far so good no fuck ups.. But then again I knew some how deep down inside its all goanna come crashing down in a heap of disappointment… and well the rest as they say was inevitable. As soon as I got my slightly overpriced starter of decidedly underpriced cheap tacky plate I knew what was coming. In my past experiences in quality Kotthu Parotta’s there is decidedly large amount of meat with veggies here it was a large amounts of onions and tomatoes with just a bit of mutton sprinkled around the edges as an afterthought, actually more like a favor on the upside the chutney was quiet nice and tangy.

Kotthu Parotta

Up next my combo platter of main course.

The start of with a side salad it was so uninspiring and  put together with such lack of interest. I would have be more excited knowing I will be subjected to a marathon session of listening to Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice read to me by the ghost of Jade Goody. The butter milk in a bowl???? They could have put it in a glass at least so much of effort… It must be applauded really am impressed…


The Malabar Parotta was dry I thought these things were supposed to be flaky and rich not taste like a chapatti… how expensive is oil now a days really maybe you can charge me more for it Ill pay for it… And the stew had gave me more joy in finding out my dog has passed way… But where credit is due they did cook the mutton absolutely perfectly which.

I was so disappointed with the food that am not angry am just sad after having a meal that promised so much fall flat.

I will give it another shot at the main outlet may be just maybe till I get angry again

Overall rating 2.5 /10

so disappointed with the food that am not angry am just sad after having a meal that promised so much fall flat. I will give it another shot at the main outlet may be just maybe till I get angry again Overall rating 2.5 /10

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5 thoughts on “The Dodgy Todgy Shop

  1. I give your generally poor, rather incomprehensible writing a 2/10 since it resembles English, but I thought English was supposed to be flaky and rich – how expensive is general grammar and a proof-read? Maybe, let me know and I’ll pay for it.


    1. Noted am working on it… unfortunetley now i have i started it and have not had the time to proff the older posts which were mostly typed and written on my phone… if you read the last one they are proofed and edited… if you are ready to pay for it most welcome… but in general the food reviews will be negative… its not against a particular outlet or restaurant….


  2. Hulk Buddy,

    That “perfect South Indian non-veg meal” is already available in 2 places that go by the name of Hotel Malabar. I stay in ND & work in Ggn so have tried both branches multiple times. Awesome. And where Swagath (the thieves) charge Rs 50 for an appam, they charge 10 – sweet eh?

    Trust me – I’ve been following this Kerala/Malabar treasure hunt for 20 years from KalpaVadi (Yousuf Sarai), to Cochin Tiffin (Malviya), to Kerala Cafe (Gautam Nagar) to finally these places.


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