Holy Pizza Batman !!!

My love for the food chain Instapizza is pretty well known the fact that they make a great product and also effectively reach out to its customers has allowed it to become a sort of a sensation on some food forums on Facebook and you can’t say it’s not deserved…. So natural when they open one in Noida just a stone’s throw away from the Hulk he would definitely be back… InstaPizza was just a stone’s throw away and there is never a bad time to have what like to call the heart attack inducer aka the monster deep dish… I am actually surprised it hasn’t caught on with the other pizza chains who haven’t made a copycat product… honestly am really surprised…

My only problem with this InstaPizza is that its located in a part of the mall I absolutely hate aka the food court or where appetites and tastes buds go to die.. and if you look at some of the outlets there you would wonder what the hell is a place as highly rated as InstaPizza doing there… and my second complain/secret thank you is the fact that they don’t do home delivery from there or else I would definitely have high cholesterol by now… This time around when I did go to have the monster I pretty much added every single meat topping possible and needless to say it turned out to be the arch nemesis to the word vegetarian this one I shall call the Meatathor galactic slayer of vegetarians… If there is anything more satisfying than a 3 some with 2 pornstars this would be it… #betterthansex any one ?

Sadly in my haste to eat I forgot to take a picture for you to feast your eyes on…

Promptly next day I was back for the Lasagna this one was by my high expectation of InstaPizza a slight let down as I felt the lasagna was way too cheesy and need more meat on the inside but on the other side I was getting lasangna so sshhh… lets not complain… all in all the lasagna was pretty fabulous… but there is definite scope for improvement… My suggestion would be more meat and less cheese / cream… after all we non vegeterians love InstaPizza for the reason own can go ham literally with the amount of meat they want…

instapizza 1

As usual I was still pretty impressed and shall be back again soon… Keep it up Ashwin and the team


Instapizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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