Woeful Wendy’s

There are international burger chains that have come to India and have majorly messed up their original tastes and then there is Wendy’s. The only way I can describe Wendy’s in India is that it’s FUBAR… I mean I have had bad food but this is taking what was an average burger chain with an ok offering of burgers and messing it up on a whole new level… I know it’s been around for a while and reviews have been subpar but the Hulk cant review a place without going there himself… So this weekend I decided to pay the chain where I had my first ever beef burger a visit after god knows how many years… it must easily be a decade now… So you can imagine I was quiet excited to return to the scene of my first experience with beef hoping it would be just as good trying it with mutton and chicken in India…

What it turned out to be was a failure of epic proportions… As a united fan I would qualify David Moyes and Bebe as bigger successes than Wendy’s attempt at selling us burgers in India… Firstly you are fast food chain not some fancy burger joint so let’s stop pretending you are one… secondly if you are going to charge me 150 plus for a burger please ensure the burgers are worth that amount in terms of size of the serving which quite frankly is piddly… Now the burgers itself I went for the baconator and the ultimate mutton and I would gladly call them 2 worst burgers I have ever had in my life… firstly the corn bun if you would like to call it… it’s more like 2 rather thick slices of corn bread… or what my friend having dinner with me described it as unsweetened slices of cake… Why in the world do you want to experiment with corn bread in a burger If I as an Indian wanted a corn flour based bread I would go have Makki Ki Roti with Sarson ka Saag… they just don’t were off the burger patties in both the cases were what I can only describe as slim… No flavor and no kick in either… And one more thing what’s up with slathering ketchup in the burger if I want an overload of ketchup in my food ill ask for it as a side…

The only good thing was that you guys atleast had proper bacon in the burger but that alone even couldn’t save the burger…


So what I had in essence was corn bread, something that remotely tasted like burger patties and waaaaayyy too much ketchup which is assume was to mask the taste of the pathetic burgers…


Infact the only thing value for money or I enjoyed during my meal was a can of Thumbs up… that too after paying twice what it would cost in retail…

wnedy 3

My advice to you up your game of just pack up and go home son you are drunk !!!

Only second time I am going to give a place a zero and this will be it… 0/10 you are in esteemed company with that abomination you all call big chill

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2 thoughts on “Woeful Wendy’s

  1. I’d advise you to check your posts for spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc. These kinds of basic mistakes can directly or indirectly invalidate what you are saying.

    Just a friendly tip! 🙂 otherwise I love the blog


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