Baking Pretty Decent Actually

Over the past year or so the folks in the world’s most polluted city have seen an explosion of late night food delivery services. While a majority and by majority I mean almost all are absolutely atrocious, there are a few may be 3-4 if you ask me who I would actually order food from.

Most of the late night places I have ordered in from are nothing short of what I would call concepts started by people looking to make a quick buck in what is one of the fastest growing sectors of the market. Now a days any tom dick and harry with a Facebook account, and a Tata Sky Subscription can claim to be a food connoisseur or a chef. Well sorry to burst your bubble you know nothing!

Being fair to the place am reviewing and not being partisan at all am not gonna name the others but as I said before your food sucks and your Zomato ratings are over inflated… Go learn how to make food, customer service and more importantly deliver it warm, and not soaked in oil or soggy and one wet!!! I know it’s raining outside but that is no excuse to have acid rain infused pizza and burgers you twats!!!

Back to the review one fine Friday night after approximate half a bottle of whisky down. When the stomach growls and there is hunger in the hood… Who do you call ? … I call Baking Bad, I don’t know why they want to use the word bad in their name… I think it’s probably because the owners are super big breaking bad fans… any how back to food it so happened as usual am craving a pizza and burgers and everything else together. Since there were a lot of hungry mouths that night… The hulk was in charge ordering food… I knew this was my chance to go ham literally!!! After 10 minutes of rattling off a huge order consisting of all kinds of sliders, a humungous pizza and a few deserts we decided to settle down and continue our late night binge. Lo and Behold like clockwork approximately 50 mins later our order was here and by this time I was pretty famished… So hungry that I would happily snatch the first piece of food away from a hungry Somali having his / her first meal in 5 days hungry… Yes I would do that!!! So being the asshole that I am I decided to do a quick once over of the packaging and the condition of the food which as quiet frankly better than I had expected it to be.

the Tale of the Plate :

  1. A Gargantuan 17.5 inch roast chicken pizza which was mostly gobbled up by sods who thought beef or pork is not good for them… ( oh you pitiful little lost souls dreaming of heaven whilst heaven was already here on the plate in front of you)
  2. Pork Me: a slider with Delhi’s latest food fad pulled pork and slathering of bacon jam that would send you straight to hell in some peoples opinion… Well who gives a shit really I was already in haven.
  3. Philly cheese steak: another brilliant slider in concept but slightly lacking in execution and it was too well done (I don’t like well done) and the bun was slightly soggy. Has a lot of promise but didn’t deliver as expected but good none the less
  4. The Hot Chick: another promising burger but let down by the fact that there was tomato in it and when exposed to heat it absolutely disintegrates in to a gooey messy pulp with water running all over as if someone forgot to shut the tap which killed the bun…

The other sliders were great… Nothing to complain about besides that fact that I was about to burst after having eaten soo much food… I skipped the deserts and was soon back to my whisky…

Over all rating  a very solid 5.5/10 it could have been higher if you had a place where I could enjoy my order straight off the oven/grill hot and fresh… Wouldn’t be a bad idea to seriously consider opening a dine-in outlet… Will I be ordering again ? yes again and again

Baking Bad Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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