Indian Pub grub and Pub European grub – miseries of an Indian sports fan in Europe

The Hulk has its first guest post about the lack of good food in Pubs in Europe. And by good he means something that appeals to his tastes. Anyhow western European food is usually quiet bland and useless unless you are ready to fork out a kidney as payment. Here is what he had to say:

Did you see that humongous hit by Gayle on a humongous big screen TV? Did you see your team concede a goal in the last minute? Did you realize that the goal cost you your bet? You lost. Like most humans I like to eat my way out of despair

It is at those moments when you need the best food in the world ( at least in my opinion) to whet your appetite and change your thinking process. What better than a spicy kebab or a hot tandoori chicken to tear into?

When I grudgingly put these bland tasteless fried and chicken wings in my mouth to drain my losses, I am constantly reminded of the sports bars in Delhi. The ambience and atmosphere may be shit in the sports bars in Delhi. The lack of social scene and discussions at the bar – a lack of proper bar tables also inhibits it – oh and what do I begin about the lack to real sports fans. Have you ever been to a football game in a bar in Delhi half of those idiots wont be able to locate the city / country on a map yet act like their captain/ star player is the second coming of Jesus/ Ram or whatever you may believe in– but the delicious more than food makes up for it. Atleast whilst am tucking in to a delicious Tandoori Chicken or Desified Nachos I can pretend these kids don’t exist…

On the contrary in Europe you have good beer, better company and great banter but useless grub. It is frustrating as a fan and sports lover to go out, and set fire to at least 50 euros on fries, beer and wings leaving the stomach unhappy and unsatisfied. For that much money I want some fire in the morning too. If your team drops points which happens more often than not for a Liverpool fan these days, then it adds salts to the wound. If they could give me the kebabs and Tandoori’s I would be happy to dole out that 50 euros without a grudge.

After all they say, ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’

The au”Thor” of this guest post hails from Amstergrad, is an Aeronautical Engineer by trade and a sports fanatic by passion. Using math’s and other forms of magic the hulk can’t comprehend predicts the outcome of sporting events. You can check out his highly accurate sports predictions at
Disclaimer: The Fools Bookie is not a gambling website nor does it promote gambling in any form.


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