SodawaterBotteWalla is the love child of traditional Parsi cooking and greed…

The interiors a try too hard effort to recreate the ambience of period parsi cafe from the self entitled open sewage line aka Mumbai… The place feels woefully out of place in the modern surroundings of Gurgaon’s cheap and tacky effort to recreate Clarke Quay( you can never be a world city with the name Gaon in it and have a population that has the collective IQ / civil sense of a dodo)… The interiors smack of  the ‘trying too hard’ syndrome… Moving on to the staff they were relatively polite and courteous expect for the fact they stand over your head to order as soon as you receive the menu and complety forget to return once you tell them u need a minute to decide…. I asked for a minute not an eon to decide…

The food eaten on the day:

Chicken Cutlet Pao or what i really got was a wired chicken Vada with oil suffcient to embarrass a Saudi prince the stuffing relatively bland and tasteless but they do know how to make decent green chutney, which I would late realize was the only way you could enjoy my starters.

Next up was a Chicken Baida Roti or chicken with dough and enough oil to solve the world energy needs for the next 10 years…again redeemed with green chutney and raw onions…

Dear chef if i had to have something that could only be palatable with chutney and onion you really need to go back to cook school…

For main course i ordered goan pork sausage ( sorry picture missing which if found so unpalatable i didn’t even bother take a shot) Absolute  horror show!!! I have not had something taste so bad since the last time it came back out the same way it went in… How can you ruin goan sausages for me for life !!!

Mutton Berry Pulao at last something I did like and manage to eat… overall a solid dish just about did what was asked for it but then again why the hell was a pulao so greasy…

Other classic Parsi dish i wanted to have was a Dhansak which i used to love eating as a kid… One of my friend’s mothers used to do such a wicked dhansak and  I might have been spoiled for life… This dhansak tasted no better than what I can get off the shelves at Asda on reduced price… in short utter bollocks…

I really needed something to drink now to clean my palate and decided to order a Bawaji Nu thullu which is a strange Parsi attempt at Long Island Iced Tea !!! Dont Just dont

Next up for something sweet: I was dreading what calamity would befall me now since i really need something sweet to make my mood better and i hate sweets… Went for the english pound cake hoping well they cant fuck something as simple up.. and thankfully the cake was really good and i was feeling slightly happier than Shamu at Sea World…

Overall feeling : Invite an oil hungry American politician and then proceed to choke with oil ala Agent Strawberry Fields in Qantum of Solace

Rating : 2.75/10

IMG_3743 IMG_4622 sodawater1

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