Happiness in the Punjab

I usually refrain reviewing the local neighborhood desi fine dining restaurant because all of them turn out to be the old bull crap rehashed in a new place and served in a different bowl well usually it’s the same a that copper handi that almost all Indian restaurants like to serve their food in and who can forget that copper balti in which your Dal will most definitely come… To the point every time I go our for Indian I usually make a side 500 rupee bet if they will bring the food in those copper containers or not… usually one look at a place I can easily guess will they or wont they… and the moment I walked into this place I knew it !!! Tucked in the a lane behind GK I’s other market i.e. N block it is in the same building that once housed the one place in Delhi you were guaranteed amazing chilling out music before the ravagers of cool places in Delhi aka the West Delhites descended and transformed it in to an orgy LV shoes and Burberry polo’s…. And banished lovers of music from this place for good… I heard its reopened in its new avatar down the road but I guess it will never be the same again… So taking its place the is place called in the Punjab and its rather quirkily named bar Happy Singh were my destination this evening…

On the outset I knew they have a really good chef who I had met a few years back at a restaurant he used to work in but on the day he wasn’t in…. With a friend who was coming to delhi after 6 years it was most definitely time to tuck in to some of North India;s most loved cusines i.e. Punjabi/Mughlai

Warning this is the definition of a clichéd Indian restaurant meal and the only reason I am writing about it is because it was really good

Started off with a helping very nice juicy and succulent malai tikka which was cooked to perfection… a lot places do a decent tikka in terms in flavor but go on and destroy it by having rather over cooked chicken or use chicken that is not fresh… but thankfully this was an instance where everything came out perfect… One can say the same for the Seekh too… slightly too spicy for my liking but perfect in texture…

Next up was the butter chicken pretty good but not mind-blowingly special like what one would have at a Mughal Mahal or Invitation my 2 favorite butter chicken joints in the city… Satisfying is what I would like to describe it.

Next was the rockstar of the night the Dal Makhni: a good Dal Makhni is the one vegetarian dish I would happily swap a non vegetiran one for but sadly the art of a great dal makhni is lost to most indian restaurants in Delhi barring may be a Bhukhara whose Dal Makhni is out of this world… but then the rest of the food is rank average….

That was pretty much my meal and most of you guys know am one to usually skip deserts… As was the case here…

Overall rating 5/10 a fairly solid meal… definitely a place ill consider returning to again

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2 thoughts on “Happiness in the Punjab

  1. You can’t go to ‘In the punjab’ and not Order the Jalandari Mutton man. Its heaven! Even by itself, its well worth the price of admission. And they do this Cheese coated Broccoli, which is way more scrumptious than it sounds. All round super food!


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