The Social, Haus Khas Village

The Anti Social Social: So this place has been around for a few months now in the city and has all the regular janta of town going gaga about the place… so naturally out of curiosity I decided to run the rule over the place… In essence it’s a hideous looking café / for hire social work space in the day and a sweaty dingy looking trying to behave like one of those famous Budapest Ruin Bars in the evening…

Firstly this is more of an evening at the place review less a purely meal review… since who in the right mind wants to sit on extremely  uncomfortable, unattractive and cheap Furniture which seems to have been bought off a backyard sale…

Located in the former hipster haven turned, West Delhi jhintak crowd hangout called Haus Khas Village… So we decided to do a small Saturday evening drinking session at Social before moving on to some place else… After an hour trying to get to the village, questioning myself for why in the world am I doing this? We finally ended up at social, after negotiating the entry blocked with “stags” unable to enter we were let in by the guy at the door who recognized us being the sort of people who are okay to have… the moment you enter you get a feeling, you have entered a place that was left incomplete and the whole experience thereafter is similar.

So not expecting to find a place at 8 pm on a Saturday we managed to collect a couple of chairs and make for ourselves a little bit of a table in the smoking area.

Since we were slightly hungry we decided to order a portion of BBQ Chicken Poutine, Fried Chicken Bucket and a Keema Pao / burger kinda dish…

The verdict on the food was as follows: Keema Pao / Burger regulation keema pao on a dry bun as if butter is a valuable commodity not something you can buy from your local kinara ki dukan.. Maybe next time i’ll carry some of my own… the keema was nothing spectacular to write about… except for the fact that it was incredibly spicy, enough to shred your innards on a good day.. I guess they are happy to give you heart burn so you might buy some more of their over rated and overpriced cockatils with rather substandard booze unless you are ready to pay a premium…

The Fried chicken bucket : Aka overpriced KFC knockoff… not a great dish to copy in the first place but with execution so poor it ended  up on the hulks wall of shame of what the fuck did I  just eat… again it was full of oil… Dear outlets in Delhi please learn to drain the effing oil out of fried food before serving it to your customers… we don’t mind you giving us multiple dips but please try and drain the oil from the food… Thank you very much…

Next was the disaster of the day the poutine aka water logged fries… I know it’s a very successful dish from social’s sister concern, Mocha but it would pay dividends to serve it properly… the poutine we got was more damp than Cherrapunji on rainy monsoon day… I am not gonna write anything else about it cuz if you ruin French Friens there is nothing that can undo such a SNAFU…It just goes to show how culinary expertise of the kitchen… Hire chefs not cooks for christ sake…

On to the drinks: Firstly if you are going use fancy beakers and containers in substitute for glasses please ensure they are clean and don’t look like they havnt been washed properly… it’s okay to have dirty scruffy looking place but dirty glasses are absolutely unacceptable as I found out when I asked of their signature LIIT, a drink a lot people I know are going Gaga over… after looking at 4 glasses I had to settle for one that didn’t look as dirty and water stained as the others… I guess not all glasses there looked dirty but some were more dirty than the others…

I know they were probably washed but weren’t wiped properly and had water stains on em…

Now to my “Classic Long Island” which as classic as a hispter bar in the middle of wall street… !!

well firstly learn what the recipe of a proper LIIT is ! I am putting it down below because I don’t think your bar staff cant seem to know what a real LIIT is. So here is what goes into a Classic LIIT: .75 oz Gin .75 oz White rum .75 oz Silver tequila .75 oz Vodka .75 oz Triple sec .75 oz Simple syrup .75 oz Lemon juice Cola

Well here is what your”highly trained/ hard working ‘ we care about our customers’  staff” added to my drink cheap Gin, Bacardi rum and some really terrible local vodka plus time juice and lots of ice topped up with coke !! so may I ask where was the triple sec and tequila ??? Shameful !! Don’t call it a long island if you want to charge me 500 bucks and serve a drink with probable costing of 45 to 50 bucks judging by the cheap booze that was added to it…

You cant fool all customers Mr Social some of us do know what goes into a drink and quiet frankly this tasted like phenyl!!!

oh for f_ck’s sake don’t call it a classic LIIT if you cant make one or are doing so to fool people… Rest were drinks straight from the bottle so they couldn’t really fu%k it up !!! Over all verdict : 1 out of 10 Food: 0 out of ten Drinks: 0 !!

yes a bit fat zero for the LIIT cock up Social should be given an ASBO ( Anti Social Behaviour Order) What is really annoying is the fact that the same company can run a fantastic outlet next door and get it soo wrong at another… PS no pics here since the place was too dark and too crowded to take any plus I couldn’t really be arsed to do so… Click to add a blog post for Hauz Khas Social on Zomato


3 thoughts on “The Social, Haus Khas Village

  1. hahaha much required honest review of the overrated place. Good job.

    But, I am so tempted to review the post itself. First paragraph, 9th line – difference between ‘of’ and ‘off’. I thought south Delhi crowd knows this unless you are also another West Delhi mortal- wannabe south Delhi :P. And get the tenses right for fuck’s sake! Correct version – ‘Furniture which seems to have been bought off a backyard sale’ OR ‘… bought from a backyard sale’.

    Then mistakes like ‘ill’ instead of I’ll; ‘havnt’ instead of haven’t; Cherapunji instead of Cherrapunji (you have the liberty to pronounce the way you want but not the liberty to spell in any way you want. Basic rule of proper noun) – Hey, now don’t call this too much. You had a huge complaint about stained water drops on the glasses/ beakers in a dark place where you couldn’t fail to notice (but of course you also claim it was impossible to take pictures because it was too dark – let’s keep this debate for the next time), so I would expect a perfect lucid writing from a blogger who expects his service to be perfect and can rate the drinks zero 😛 😀


    1. Feedback Taken and corrections made… I just expect perfection in food not english… FYI am neither a southsider or from the Westside :P… just some one with prejudice against one and all… plus u can excuse my grammar cause am just too lazy at times… if you hang around long enough you might get to see a nice review soon 🙂


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